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Conversation (of at least four people, 2 male, 2 female).

For your primary research project, you will be doing field research, where you gather (in
this case, record) the data. You will record 30 minutes (at minimum) of a mixed group
conversation (of at least four people, 2 male, 2 female).
You cannot be a participant in the conversation. You want the conversation to be as natural
as possible, and as you’ve read, this is difficult when the participants (who must be 18 or
over) know they are being recorded. However, your subjects must know about AND
give their permission to the recording for the interview. You can, however, be
creative about the recorder: hide it, use elapsed time, etc. The less they think of it, the
more natural their conversation will be.
Analyze your recording in regard to male/female, female/female, male/male, and group
interactions and the language used in them. You are required to have a minimum of four
linguistic devices to analyze. A linguistic device would be any of the WL or ML features that
you have learned about in class (empty adjectives, interruption, complimenting, e.g.).
1) Include your linguistic device and the corresponding conversation excerpt (I don’t want
an entire transсrіption—just an excerpt). Each excerpt must highlight a separate linguistic
2) Analyze the device as it occurs within the conversation. This analysis should include an
introduction and conclusion and be supported with research.
Show how these linguistic devices were used within the context of the conversation. For
example, was Robert’s interruption a power play? Were Julie and Ana engaged in troubles
talk? Utilize class readings (or other scholarly sources) to support your conclusions.
Turn in your analysis, with at least 4 supporting transсrіptions and a reference page.
The due date is in the syllabus and the Writing Module. I will also post a grading rubric with
more exact expectations as the due date nears. Paper length is 1000 words, excluding
conversation excerpts and reference page (APA style).


hello, hope we have the same energy and continue the rest in a happy manner. we

hello, hope we have the same energy and continue the rest in a happy manner.
we will work on these parts in this order.
results with my already don charts to do
and discussion
reviewing all that we wrote according to the professors’ notes.
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in the discussion of the quantitative part .
i would like to contain how people usually adress the words and what their attentions , or attitudes or the history of them such (it was used.. but now ..)
the interpretations of the syntactic from other researches you can till
indeed i do not expect (some one said that ..or the reseachers found… ) instead an explanation as arguing the syntactic form and what it means and why they prefer to for example.
simple and short from 5 to 8 lines not much .. indead each needs its space to be suitable for reader .
and from the massages before the previous researches is a leader to us .. especially alomar research you can follow his style and way of writing.
if you have any questions in any part even if its for understanding take yourself to aske me any time.